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The mortise lock is one of the components of the lock. It is generally used on anti-theft doors. It is responsible for the basic anti-theft work. The lock cylinder controls the operation of the mortise lock and it is responsible for opening and locking doors. It plays an important role in the security of doors.

How do we choose the most suitable one and make the product use the best? Here are some general identification methods.

Mortise Lock


High-quality material selection is the guarantee of mortise lock quality. At present, the common material in the industry is stainless steel, because steel has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, which is very suitable for its durable product of it.

Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the all-steel and half-steel mortise locks to judge the quality in the aspect of the material. The two types have the following obvious differences.

  • First, the complete steel shell is smooth and bright, while the half steel shell is dull.
  • Second, most of the latch bolts of the semi-steel are made of brass, so it can also be judged from the color of the latch bolt.
  • Third, the full-steel is much heavier than the semi-steel because of the different materials.
Lock body

Forging process

The internal structure is also an essential factor affecting the quality. According to the manufacturer’s description, a quality product requires accurate tooling and a very high degree of combination of internal accessories. In terms of the forging method, the best mortise locks are mostly forged by precision casting, so the internal accessories are wonderful. The other method is die-casting, but the precision of the accessories is not as good as that of precision casting.

Lock body Dimensional Drawing


Many industry experts and installers with many years of industry experience can judge the quality from the subtle feeling while it is running. Generally, a good product is very smooth during operation and has no blocking feeling.

In addition, there are some other ways to judge the quality of the smart mortise lock, such as the mortise lock brand. Experienced dealers and installers will know some companies that are very good at making mortise locks. Such companies have accumulated many years of experience in mortise locks because this brand will be more stable than other peers.

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