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A cylinder lock is also commonly known as a pin tumbler due to the way the mechanism functions with a number of internal pins that move around the inside of the cylinder as the key is turned due to the keys serrated edges. Replacing the lock barrels are a huge advantage with this product as it can be changed typically without having to alter the hardware. With up to 25% of burglaries believed to use lock snapping, lock bumping or cylinder drilling and screwing as a method of entry it's important to choose the right lock cylinder.
A large range available with kitemarked and tested to BS EN 1303 these have achieved the minimum required for most insurance policies. Star rating is applied to the TS007 cylinders to help understand the level of security. A 3 star lock barrel protects against every lock breaking attempt, a 1 star does not, but can be supported by a 2 star rated handle to give an overall 3 star rating. Meaning you can feel safe in your home, and know that it is secure when you leave.


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