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Intelliware is a leading supplier of door handle in international market for 25 years.

We have worked with designers in the fields of architecture, interior & industrial design.

Cooperate with us to become a regional agency for our door handle products in your market.


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Touch and Style

Door accessories are a necessity for every home and public.For us, we like the different touches of form and surface: geometric elements, sharp edges and corners, minimalism, rounded, modern or comfortable.There is no element on buildings that we touch frequently every day than it.At Intelliware, with our wide range of products, you are guaranteed to find the right door fittings that is suitable for you.

Modern and Function

Whether it is existing or newly manufactured doors and windows, different fittings can bring completely different appearances and functions. Usually, new fittings are also suitable for old doors. The long shield is suitable for covering all drill holes, and the split type can be adapted to any door locks by different sizes. The adjustable door handle adapts to the installation requirements of uncertain hole spacing. 

Combining different design styles, the door handle can be low-key blended in space and color, or it can show a flamboyant temperament and distinctive highlights. Hundreds of thousands of tests have made the designed function perfectly present its tension and vitality. Especially in old buildings, the decoration of modern door handles has a stimulating effect. This creates an overall effect of modern harmony. 

In the INTELLIWARE product series, you will find fittings suitable for wooden doors, metal doors and even window handles.

Door handles:  A beautiful variety of designs and touch

WHAT is a passage lock?

Mortice lock door handle, without rosette, are suitable for commercial wooden doors. High quality material they refine every interior passage door.

WHAT is a mortice lock?

Mortice lock door handle sets, short BB, are suitable for wooden room doors. Thanks to the high quality material they refine every interior door.

WHAT is a profile cylinder?

Doors with profile cylinder insert require a rosette fitting with profile cylinder, short PZ. They are suitable for those doors that accommodate typical door lock cylinders.


The classic for bath and WC - the rosette set with WC closer, with the abbreviation WC.


A rose set consists of two lever handle roses with two handles (door handle), two key roses, a square spindle and matching screws.


You want to give an existing interior door a new face? The old door handles are quickly history, but possible drill holes can be disturbing. To cover these, simply use a long backplate fitting. If you don't have the same problem with your old door, use a short backplate fitting.


  • maintenance-free double sided retaining spring
  • with long life PP plastic understructure
  • galvanized hollow spindle
  • rose and handle seperated packing
  • simply assembly by few steps


  • single side retaining spring
  • with metal understructure
  • galvanized hollow or solid spindle
  • rose and handle pre-mounted
  • according to EN 1906


  • single side retaining spring
  • flat rosette in stainless steel
  • galvanized hollow or solid spindle
  • pre-assembled door handle
  • invisible screw connection



Nature design and touch give each entrance a different feeling.


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Material and Surface

Excellent material, strong enough and function reliable, carefully polishing and surface treatment give ideal way for corrosion resistance. With our extensive range of door fittings, we supply variety of designs and finishes available to suit any home or office and matching product families if you are looking to refresh throughout .Whether your looking for door ironmongery for a period home or something more contemporary, even if you are looking for something more commercial for your office or workplace, we provide or design for you

smooth touch:

  • Bright brushed and matt brushed are interwoven to give the door handle a fantastic experience

  • A soft touch,smooth appearance for extra comfort

  • Can be used in all systems of the house (glass doors, wooden doors)

Clean the stainless steel and its surface

We prefer to use 304 stainless steel, or aluminium alloy, to make our different kind of door handle.

High quality stainless steel - either matt or polished - has exceptional corrosion resistance and durability due to its excellent materiality. The stainless steel surface forms a very thin protective passive layer that can be rebuilt even after the surface has been damaged.

Door handles made of aluminium with anodized surfaces as well as electrolytic colouring with an oxide layer of up to 15 MU.They are durable even under strong sunlight. By normal use, the surface is also not easily scratched.

Intelliware recommends to use the glasses cloth to keep clean of the surface of fittings. The regular glasses cloth is made by Ultrafine Fiber which is enable to remove the dust, dirt, oil, hand sweat with scratch free the surface.