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Manufacturer of door hinges. International supplier of door fittings for Germany, EU, North Americaand Asia. Types of hinges available include square butt hinge, lift hinges, screw hinges, spring hinges and etc. Available in alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Serves Architectural industries,Door & Window industries, D.l.Y chain store, online shopes, and Amazon seller. Accept OEM/ODM cooperation and print-to-build.

door hinge manufacturer intelliware

Intelliware door hinge

Square door hinge

Square Door Hinge

Radius door hinge

Radius Door Hinge

spring hinge

Spring Hinge

What can we do for you?

For a long time, we have customized door hinge, window hinges,door handles, locks, and relative fittings for customers. Meantime, we have also developed smart door locks to provide customers with accurate,fast,reliable and satisfactory solutions.We are related to designer in the field of architecture, interior, and industrial design, extensively cooperate to stimulate design inspiration, and form own design principles based on ergonomics, ecology and aesthetics to ensure that we make the ideal products. In addition to guaranteeing functions, we advocate the coordination and unification of products and architectural space styles, and tailor products for customers to suit different scenarios. Our products are widely used in public buildings, museums, hotels, villas, apartments, residences, commercial, etc. Keep up with the development of architectural trends and provide customers with perfect service.


Providing customers with high-quality and durable products is our persistent pursuit. And we will be proud to offer complete warranty service for the products you ordered.



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