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Intelliware was founded in 1995, with the mission of Making Life Safer , it constantly iterates itself in the development, forming its own culture and values, and reaching every member of the team. Our vision is to become the most respected security product brand in the world, and to become an international team with “one heart and concerted efforts”, a team with a sense of happiness and achievement.

We are an enterprising group, where there are engineers who are proficient in products, and there are hard-working market developers. Working at KEPT means to be part of the team and work together to achieve outstanding achievements in order to provide our customers as much as possible Quality service. Our values are honesty and trustworthiness, openness and enterprising, cooperation and innovation, and customer achievement!

Working at KEPT means you have to be proactive, independent and critical, but the most important thing is that you love the job and be passionate. You will work together in a transparent, informal and collegial working environment, in which we must keep in mind a common goal and strive to implement it.

We have a good training and promotion mechanism to help employees continue to grow in their posts and make extraordinary achievements. Welcome to be one of us.

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Talent recruitment

Overseas Sales

Skill requirements:
Living overseas, responsible for sales in overseas local markets, understand the local language, or have own sales channels.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for sales in the local market.
2. Responsible for communicating, contacting, maintaining customers, understanding customer needs, sell and service customers.
3. Responsible for local video marketing, online marketing, and expand the local influence of the company’s brand.
4. Collect customer feedback to help the company further improve product design, product functions, product packaging, etc.
5. Those who have their own warehouse and cargo distribution capabilities are preferred.

Job requirements:
1. Live in the local area, understand the local language and English, be familiar with door locks, or metal products, or have similar experience.
2. Love the sales, work seriously, rigorous, positive, able to overcome the international jet lag, good at solving problems, and patient!
3. Challenge high income, be diligent and pragmatic, and have a good team spirit.

Contact us:
E-mail:[email protected]