Who is Intelliware?

Founded in 1995, Intelliware is a leading provider of construction accessories in the international market.

Over the years, we have focused on the design, customized production and service of door handles, locks, door and window fittings, and we have been developing nice quality products with customers around the world.  Honesty and integrity, openness and work hard, cooperation and innovation, success customers is the value of us.   Today, the customers we serve have spread across Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. European market share accounts is for more than 50%.

We have our own R&D center, 4 strategic cooperation factories and more than 200 long-term partner factories in china. In total, our 4 factories employ more than 600 employees.

Our mission is to provide customers with quality products and services, so that our customers obtain excellent value and success, and our employees and business partners will share prosperity. Our vision is to become a company that supply the ultimate products in the field we focus, and to provide the best customer experience in the residential and commercial markets.

What can we do for you?

For a long time, we have customized door handles, locks, door and window hardware accessories and other building materials for customers. Meantime, we have also developed smart door locks to provide customers with accurate, fast, reliable and satisfactory solutions. We are related to designer in the field of architecture, interior, and industrial design, extensively cooperate to stimulate design inspiration, and form own design principles based on ergonomics, ecology and aesthetics to ensure that we make the ideal products. In addition to guaranteeing functions, we advocate the coordination and unification of products and architectural space styles, and tailor products for customers to suit different scenarios. Our products are widely used in public buildings, museums, hotels, villas, apartments, residences, etc. Keep up with the development of architectural trends and provide customers with perfect service.

Providing customers with high-quality and durable products is our persistent pursuit. We use gravity casting, stamping, hot forging, shearing, machining, grinding, vibration, polishing, electrode position, PVD coating and laser engraving and other scientific production process, the selection of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, etc., to ensure that it is durable and the service life exceeds the industry average.

We will provide a complete warranty service for the products you ordered.

Our way of cooperation

Growing together with our customers, the following three ways is most cooperation method:

1. Slight Customization, we complete product research, test and development, customer only need to decide the personalized logo and packaging;

2. Tailor-made and OEM production according to customer drawing or sample;

3. Become a regional agency for our regular products in global market.

We invite you to be a part of our future and witness the results of our true dedication to excellent quality and service in every step of our development.

Our career development history

We were previously state-owned company named China Wuxi Hardware and Tools Group Company, own 2 lock factories, 2 hardware factories and 3 hand tool factories. We start export Hong Kong and South-East Asia.


We open up our market in the Middle East and developed kinds of lock sets for the Arabic region market.


We start our business in European market and only export all kinds of hardware. Working closely with customers from UK, France, Netherlands, Spain and Nordic countries, we further customize the customer’s products with constantly improving of the quality.


Become private company and rename to be KEPT INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Intelliware is the registered trademark for company and OEM service, meantime, we limit our product to be in range of door lock, door and window hardware field and invest an R&d factory who focuses on special ODM products.


With the growing of e-commerce in worldwide area, Intelliware increased its support for customers who focus on e-business. On another hand, the success in the commercial market has been further expanded. Work closely with leading companies in world, we together build up excellent product.


As one of founder, Intelliware together with 33 companies created a chamber of commerce in local city, it names Wuxi United Chamber of Cross-Border E-commerce. Through efforts, it has helped more than 160 enterprises to achieve their success for improving of management, research and development and sales.


Intelliware further expanded their business in center Europe, and the German market become number one market in sales of whole EU.


2021 & Future
Intelliware welcomes you to be a part of our future to withness our development and growth.