Intelliware is an international supplier who designs door handles, smart locks, and lock accessories. We link modern technology with elegant design, and set up a product line for a variety of style spaces, adding more elements to interior design. We are here to keep moving forward. In the process, our team has created a lot of opportunities and challenges. We have been working hard for this, and all of this is to provide customers with better services.

Intelliware established the Wuxi United Chamber of Cross-Border E-commerce in 2015, an local organization composed of companies and manufacturers focusing on international business. With the help of Intelliware, more than 160 member enhanced their e-commerce capabilities.

Production environment

KEPT INDUSTRY has own R&D center, 4 strategic cooperation factories and more than 200 long-term partner factories. A total of about 600 employees are employed in our 4 factories.

Today, each factory has developed into a composite factory integrating automation and semi-automation, which can customize various products for customers with high efficiency and high quality, and ensure timely delivery.

Processing methods

Providing customers with high-quality and durable products is our persistent pursuit. We use gravity casting, stamping, hot forging, shearing, machining, grinding, vibration, polishing, electrode position, PVD coating and laser engraving and other scientific production process, the selection of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, etc., to ensure that it is durable and the service life exceeds the industry average.