Dior Hotel Lyon, France

Jean Philippe Nuel, a French designer, layed the powerful buildings of the building with contrasting details (inspired by the history of the monastery) behind the 375 meter grand facade, creating what he called “modest luxury”. “In the middle ages, these h 彼 Tel dieus hotels were designed to accommodate people who were sick and people in need,” Nuel explained “However, this did not prevent architects from creating excellent and luxurious spaces in the prime.”

法国设计师让·菲利普·努埃尔(Jean-Philippe Nuel)在长375米的宏伟立面背后,将建筑的强大建筑与对比鲜明的细节进行了分层(受建筑的修道院历史启发),创造了他所说的“谦逊的奢华”。努埃尔解释说:“在中世纪,这些Hôtel-Dieus酒店旨在容纳有病的人和有需要的人。” “然而,这并没有阻止当时的建筑师在黄金地段创造出色而豪华的空间。”

可以在酒店的大堂中看到最好的效果,在这里,简单的粉刷白木横梁和裸露的石地板(使用了原石矿场的雪花石膏,已针对该项目重新开放)由当地的装饰性丝绢和绳网装饰艺术家Veronique De Soultrait。Nuel解释说:“大厅的屏幕传达了我整个酒店的灵感,这是精致与修道院之间的二分法。”

在其他地方,荒谬的高高的拱形天花板,修复的石雕和超大的拱形窗户形成了隐蔽的角落和令人印象深刻的复式套房的崇高背景,复式套房位于两层楼,可欣赏罗纳河的景色。不过,亮点几乎可以肯定是酒吧,它坐落在一座高耸的32米高圆顶下的前教堂内。在这里,Manuela Paul Cavallier的大胆艺术品揭示了现代的黑色和金色调色板;法国公司Ligne Roset制作的定制家具,反映了建筑的曲线;爱马仕集团下属子公司里昂(Lyononnais)的丝绸公司Verel de Belval创建的富有丝绸的丝绸代表了这座城市作为欧洲丝绸工业之都的过去。


The best results can be seen in the lobby of the hotel, where simple whitewood beams and bare stone floors (with alabaster from the quarry, reopened for the project) are made by vernique de soultrait, a local decorative silk and rope net decorator. “The screen in the hall inspired my entire hotel, which is a dichotomy between refinement and monastery,” Nuel explained

Elsewhere, absurd high arched ceilings, restored stone sculptures and large arch windows form a hidden corner and an impressive backdrop for the complex suite, which is located on two floors and enjoys the view of the river Rona. But the highlight is almost certainly the bar, which is located in a front church under a 32 meter dome. Here, Manuela Paul Cavallier’s bold artwork reveals the modern black and gold palette; the custom furniture made by French company ligne ROSET reflects the curve of the building; the silk rich silk created by verel de belval, a silk company of Lyonnais, a subsidiary of Hermes group, represents the past of the city as the capital of the European silk industry.


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