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In the trend of modern architectural aesthetics, Intelliware is further refined towards structure, function and aesthetics.

We provide customers with high-quality, durable, intelligent aesthetical, and powerful functional door and window product solutions. Our product categories are very rich and worldwide welcome.

In years of development, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience and know-how, and launched a series of high-quality door handle products.

Our products meet the specific requirements and related regulations of modern municipal and commercial buildings, and are favored by architects and engineers.

We have extensively cooperated with designers in the fields of architecture, interior and industrial design to stimulate design inspiration, and form our own design principles based on ergonomics, ecology, and aesthetics to ensure that we can make the ideal door handle.

Our fitting designs are diversified and selected high-quality materials, which are warmly welcome by the market. In addition, we can also customize products according to the material and surface finish specified by the customer. Optional materials include stainless steel, brass, aluminum, timber etc., and the service life exceeds the industry average.

Our door handle products have five major lines: eternal classic, lifestyle, light luxury classic, minimalism, and extraordinary hand feel, which can meet the needs of customers for different scenarios.

The Eternal Classic series has a simple design and powerful functions, suitable for most modern environments. We have also recovered master-class classic products from history, and given new elements of the times, which are well acclaimed by customers.

The door handle is integrated into life in every grasp, and it is integrated with the environment. We advocate the comfort of daily use of products, the coordination and unity with the architectural space style, and tailor-made products suitable for different scenarios for customers. Our products are Widely used in public buildings, museums, hotels, villas, residences and other scenes, we continue to improve technology and services, and gain recognition from customers, architects, engineers and interior designers, and add more elements to the space design to match the style you need.

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Independent stylish residence under the sunshine

This residence is composed of two-storey buildings connected by a central courtyard. The inner courtyard is the heart of the residence, and natural light can be poured into the atrium. The rhythm of orientation, light, shadow, and air is interpreted in it.

Design elements,

1. On the street, the house looks like a simple white structure with wood elements.

2. Public and private spaces are separated. The living room of the development is located on the ground floor, and the inner courtyard is filled with sunlight throughout the day in the double-height room. The two simple volumes are intersected by an inner courtyard, which maintains the visual transparency between the front and rear of the house.

3. The subtle curves introduced in the whole design soften the not very large space.

4. The white brick wall is a textured background with sunlight and shadows.

5. The soft tones blend the warm wood tones with the white interior and stone tones.

6. The bedroom and the secondary living space are located above, connected by a circulation space surrounding the central courtyard. The opening captures the sunlight from breakfast and is filtered by a sliding wooden screen to ensure privacy and comfort.

7. The large skylight reflects the plane of the stairs, allowing light to enter the corridor. The corridor surrounds the courtyard below. Sliding windows merge the gap between internal and external spaces.

8. Concise, non excessively decorated door handles become the first choice, which is integrated with the overall environment.




The visual minimalism stainless steel door handle is composed of a simple handle and an ultrathin disc, dominating the simplest purity of this design style.

Beach life at Coast Hotel

The six-story hotel located on the coastline complements the existing bungalows dotted along the coastline, paying tribute to the surrounding terrain and existing buildings by echoing the colors of adjacent houses and using zinc paneling.

It’s known for its white sand beaches, surf culture and lively boardwalks. The landscape here is comparable to that of the Atlantic Ocean, and the interior decoration of the hotel is low-key.

The overall design is inspired by the beach culture of the 1960s, choosing simple materials such as wood, concrete, and mixing them with wool, leather and rich natural green plants to form a shared hotel space.
While expressing simplicity and practicality, it still exudes warmth and tranquility.

Although the hotel’s waterfront views and access, rooftop restaurant and outdoor swimming pool with attached deck and bar are characteristic attractions in themselves, its art collection also attracts attention

The hotel has become an ideal place for locals and tourists


Black, regular or alien door handles can be a good choice here. The texture of the black particles and the nostalgia that exudes complements the surrounding environment, just like what the architecture wants to express, except for simplicity and practicality, We still need warmth and tranquility

A villa built for a garden

This private villa is located in the countryside. The villa is 2000 square meters in size, very spacious and majestic from some angles. There was something unusual throughout the construction process.

The first unusual aspect is the time it takes to complete the entire project. It took 12 years from the first discussion to the final completion of the project.

Second, the client did not choose a gorgeous site for his future villa, but bought a small pasture with an area of 2.5 hectares. In fact, there is not much recommendable place to build a large luxury villa.

Third, the client did not want to build too many houses and eventually created a garden. He hired a garden designer to create a garden on the construction site before starting to design the house. He told the garden designer to leave space for the building and let the garden influence the design of the building.


Our door handles are the dependable peace of mind that families can count on. Our sash locks for windows, stick to wall hooks, bedroom door locks, and any other custom metal accessories our clients need are all backed with a promise of flawless precision.