Why Us?
Intelliware is a guaranteed brand

Why Us?
Intelliware is a guaranteed brand

In our industry, we are driven by two ideals: quality and service. We are proud to say that these two ideals are reflected in every aspect of our manufacturing operation. The quality in our products is made evident to consumers and suppliers alike by the skill of our craftsman, the advanced technology in our factories, and the effort we put forth to make our employees feel passionate in their everyday work.

For more than twenty five years, we have been developing new products hand-in-hand with our customers around the world. Our door handles are the first impression that any home deserves. Our door locks are the dependable peace of mind that families can count on. Our fittings for doors and windows, and any other custom metal accessories that our clients need are all backed with a promise of flawless precision.

Intelliware is eager to show off the products we produce, and we do so each year at trade shows around the globe. With both OEM and ODM production options, our updated in house tested simply customization service is sure to radiate excellence. Whether you are ordering 1000 door lock sets, or any other custom hardware you desire, you will have constant communication with our staff until the product is delivered satisfactorily. In fact, all of our products are backed by a 180 day guarantee. We invite you to be a part of our future, and witness the results of true dedication to outstanding quality and service in every step we take.

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Intelliware is a leading supplier of architectural hardware in international market for 25 years.


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Good Activity Culture

Intelliware organizes many enterprise activities to enable us to have a strong team.


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Business Condition

High efficiency automation
Substantial customer base.
Guaranteed endorsement.


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Intelliware door handle
Open a space, open a world.


Eternal Classic

Life Style

Luxe Living

Minimalist Abstract

Feel Different

Smart Handle


Intelliware Fittings


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Lock Cylinder

Intelliware Lock Cylinder prevents every unauthorized attempt of unlock, and it is safe when you leave.

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Door Lock

Intelliware Door Lock, ideal security options for home and industry.

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Window Handles

Intelliware Sash Handle is supplied for wooden, uPVC, aluminum windows industry. We help to improve the safety at the entrance of the building and reduce energy consumption.

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Door Hinge

Intelliware Hinges are bearings that connect two things together, both residential and commercial are available for choice.

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