Standard Door Hinge

At KEPT INDUSTRY we supply a large selection of Door Hinges available in several kinds of configurations, materials, and many different finishes. we will outline some quick basics, focusing on standard spring and non-spring hinges.

non-spring-hinge spring-hinge

The basic, standard residential door hinge is what as known as a plain bearing hinge. It is simply 2 halves of metal with a pin that joins the halves. It is categorized by the type of metal it is made from (steel, stainless steel), the size of the hinge, and the style of the corner the hinge has.

There are 3 styles of hinge corners: Square, 1/4 Inch Radius (round corners), and 5/8 Inch Radius (round corners)


There are 2 types of hinge ball bearings: no ball bearing, with ball bearings.


Our Steel Hinges are available in several different finishes.



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