Tilt & Turn Window Benefits

If you are considering different types of windows, there are plenty of options.

One of the most versatile is the tilt and turn window. But what are the tilt and turn window benefits that make it a great option for your home?

Tilt and turn windows are effectively three windows in one – a fixed window, an in-swing style, and a hopper window. This operates with a single handle that allows it to switch between the different functions easily. For example, turning the handle 90 degrees usually lets the wind swing inwards while 180 degrees turn lets the window tilt open.

One of the biggest benefits of this style of window is that you can get the most ventilation into the room, allowing the heat to exit by tilting the top of the window. If you then feel you need more ventilation, you can turn the window to open further.

The tilt and turn design are also very easy to clean which is ideal for first-floor windows or higher. You can clean the window and simply turn it to clean the other side. This means no ladders needed and are particularly popular above conservatories or other features that limit exterior access.

This style of the window also offers great aesthetics and fits in with a minimal design. You can get hidden sash styles that offer all the benefits of the style, but the framework is hidden to create a smooth, clean look.

Aluminum Window Handle 2K6015


Intelliware focuses on the various door and window hardware manufacturing. We have made window handles in stainless steel, aluminum, and zinc alloy.

Black Window Handle 2K6010


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