Crucial Factor of A Door

The door plays an essential role in the defense of the home security system. Therefore, how do we choose a good door? Today, let’s take a look at the key component, “hinge”.

A hinge refers to a mechanical device that connects the door leaf and the door frame and allows relative rotation between them. Although it looks insignificant, it plays a big role. It is not only a jack for the door leaf but also a lubricant while opening and closing the door, which directly affects the daily use of a door.

Since the hinge is very important, its quality is crucial. Through several professional tests, there are three requirements for the performance of the hinge, load-bearing performance, rotation performance, and anti-riot performance.


Let’s Think about Some Situations in Our Daily Life.

  • When the door is closed, it cannot be closed directly and the handle must be lifted to close the door.
  • There will be a creaking sound when opening and closing the door;
  • scratches will appear on the lower sill.
  • The gap between the upper and lower door seams is getting bigger and bigger and the door looks very uncoordinated.

All of the above are caused by the bad load-bearing performance of the hinge.

The Load-bearing Performance of the Hinge

The hinge is the only connection point between the door frame and the door leaf. If the load-bearing performance is not up to standard, it will be easily deformed under the gravity of the door leaf if it is used for a long time, which will affect its daily use. While purchasing, it is difficult to directly measure the load-bearing performance. It is often judged by the size of the hinge. In general, the load-bearing performance of the large hinge is better than that of the small hinge.

The Rotation Performance of the Hinge

In the standard specification, the rotation performance of the hinge is also stipulated. Under the pulling force of not more than 49N, the door body should be flexibly rotated 90°. This is the smooth degree of a door switch. With clear requirements, you can switch it on and off several times to feel the smoothness of the hinge. In addition, there are also strict regulations on the anti-riot performance of the hinge. After the hinge is violently damaged, the door leaf still cannot be opened. At present, the better hinges on the market also have prying-resistant points, which can further improve the overall anti-riot performance.



In summary, the hinge is an important component of a door. It mainly has three aspects to inspect, load-bearing, rotation, and anti-riot.

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