Why Is The Fastener Locked? Fasteners To Avoid Locking Tips

Metal fasteners in fasteners often rust for a variety of reasons. When rust occurs, some fasteners will lock completely, resulting in the failure of operation of fasteners themselves, that is, the inability to disassemble or continue to lock fasteners. Full locking of fasteners can occur in just a few seconds, so be more aware of and use the fasteners to prevent locking.

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Cause of fastener lock

Fasteners of the lock usually occur in the products made of stainless steel or alloy materials, this is because the metal material itself has the ability of corrosion prevention, once the fasteners, metal surface damage, can appear oxide layer to provide protection, prevent rust, but when the fastener is the lock, produced by applying pressure and heat will destroy the oxide layer, making occur between the metal thread blocking or shear, and occurred the phenomenon of adhesive, which is locked.

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Methods for fasteners to avoid locking:

1. Locking of fasteners is not completely eliminated, but we can reduce the probability of locking by paying attention to various factors, such as ensuring the loading capacity of fasteners and choosing screws and nuts with more tensile strength.

2.Whether the thread of the fastener is clean also has a certain influence on whether it is locked. When the thread is rough or not clean, the lock is more common. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the fastener is cleaned before use to remove iron scraps or dirt.

3.After the correct and proper lubrication of the fastener, the heat generated by the force on the metal part will be effectively reduced, which will reduce the probability of the fastener lock.

4.Fasteners are also less likely to lock when they use washers and are installed in the correct way.

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