Three Environmental Factors That Can Easily Corrode Aluminum Door And Window Hardware

The corrosion of hardware of door window of aluminum alloy door is a chemical reaction and electrochemical reaction process, also be the reaction of a variety of substance, a variety of form, but the reason that causes corrosion of rust of hardware of door window of aluminum alloy door damage, basically be electrochemical corrosion in natural condition. The doors and windows of aluminum alloy are composed of aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, carbon steel, and so on. These metals which are in contact with each other at different electrode potentials form raw cells in the corrosive substances, thus causing electrochemical corrosion.

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There are three environmental factors causing corrosion of aluminum doors and Windows:


Since the condensation of water in the air into liquid water film is the necessary condition for the formation of the corrosion cell, the humidity of air is the main factor. When the humidity reaches a critical value, water film is formed on the surface and the corrosion speed is intensified.

The temperature

High temperature and high humidity, temperature rise accelerate corrosion. When the temperature alternates from high temperature to sharp fall, the water vapor in the atmosphere is condensed into a film, which can also accelerate the corrosion process. Over time, the corrosion became more serious. Generally speaking is more than 6 ℃ temperature gap between day and night, the temperature in the range of 5 ℃ to 50 ℃ changes, as long as the relative humidity of 65% – 75% fog condensation phenomenon will occur.


Air pollution

Under normal circumstances, the corrosive medium in the air are very few, only oxygen on the corrosion of metals is regular, but with the continuous development of industrial enterprises, the harmful gas and dust in air, such as carbon dioxide generated after the burning of coal, kerosene, diesel oil, sulfur dioxide and other gases, there are a lot of dust, such as smoke, soot, chloride and other particles, such as acid, alkali, salt also spread to the atmosphere, some itself is corrosive, have a plenty of coagulation in water with corrosion effect on metals.

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