Skills Of Furniture Door Handle Choosing And Buying

The furniture handle belongs to furniture adornment hardware. The handle is installed on furniture, can have the effect that saves manpower opportunely not only, convenient household lives, collocation is proper also can have very good adornment effect at the same time. The handle on the market the price has to drop extremely, however. Small handle, the price can differ by tens or hundreds, but the quality is hard to tell good or bad. How to choose for the home a satisfactory, quality to pass, price is the relatively appropriate handle?

timthumb aluminum door handle

Observe Appearance Of Handle

First, check the color and protective film of the handle. The quality of the discriminating handle is first studied from the surface treatment. Half sand in the light and sand light where the separation line should be straight if a crooked line is clearly inferior; And good light handle should be the color reflection such as mirror, bright and clear, without any flaw.

Try Handle’s Feeling

A good handle should feel very comfortable. So when shopping, you can try to touch to see if the surface treatment is smooth and pull it up. A good edge should be smoothed without stubble and cutting.

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Listen To Handle Sound

Some unscrupulous manufacturers in the market, jerry-built, in the hand pipe filling cement or welding iron or sandstone, give a person a kind of thick feeling pothole consumers. Distinguish the inferior handle to be able to distinguish from the inside sound, with a hard implement tap handle tube gently, the handle sound of the full thick tube should be relatively clear crisp, and a thin tube is more depressing.

Check The Area Around The Screw Hole

Select a handle. Pay attention to it. It’s best to choose a handle with a larger area around the screw hole. The smaller the area around the screw hole of the handle, the more precise the hole of the handle on the board. Otherwise, a slight deviation will cause the hole to be exposed. Therefore, in order to prevent this situation, it is necessary to pay attention to check whether the area around the screw hole of the handle is too small when shopping.

furniture door handle

Select The Brand Verification Book

The quality of the famous brand is certainly superior. Therefore when choosing, it is best to choose the brand products with a good reputation. In addition, in the market of current building materials, the high-grade door handle is entrance mostly, entrance handle normally provides design feeling, simple sense is good, relatively price is expensive also. If choose the handle of the entrance, can ask to see the document of entrance proof of the product, lest businessman’s eye is a mixed bead.

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