Rust Occurs In 304 Materials, Which Is The Cause Of Rust

Chloride ions exist in the used environment

Chloride ions are widespread, such as salt/sweat/seawater/sea breeze/soil, etc. Stainless steel, in the presence of chloride ions, corrodes rapidly, even more than ordinary mild steel.

There is no solid solution treatment

The alloying elements do not dissolve into the matrix, resulting in low alloy content and poor corrosion resistance.

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Material corrodes easily

The intercrystalline corrosion can be reduced by adding titanium and niobium to stabilize the treatment.

High alloy steel that is resistant to corrosion in air or chemically aggressive media. Stainless steel is a type of steel commonly referred to as stainless steel, which has a beautiful surface and good corrosion resistance and does not need surface treatment such as color plating. High alloy steels, such as 13 chromium sheets of steel and 18-8 chromium-nickel sheets of steel, represent performance.

The metallographic analysis shows that stainless steel contains chromium, which forms a very thin chromium film on the surface.

To maintain the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel, the steel must contain more than 12% chromium.

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