Significance of A Small Piece of Hardware

People often use doors in daily life. Therefore, high demands are placed on the quality of hinges. Some hinges may seem inconspicuous, but once it fails, they may cause problems with the entire door. Then how does such a small piece of hardware that few people pay attention to on weekdays affect the use of doors? What secrets does it have?

At present, there are several materials for hinges on the market, such as common stainless steel, aluminum, iron, etc. Many consumers tend to pay attention to the hardness of the material when choosing hinges. Hardness is not the only requirement for the quality of hinges. A hinge with strong hardness may be affected by insufficient toughness during long-term use. Also, a hinge with strong hardness is not as durable as a hinge with good toughness during long-term and high-frequency use.

Door Hinges

Possible Problems Caused by Door Hinges

Problems with the hinges can cause the door to sag. There are three main reasons for this situation.

The first is that the quality of the hinge is not good. Hinges are often subject to professional testing in terms of vertical & horizontal static load, operating force, durability, and corrosion resistance at the inspection station. If the product does not pass the tests, deformation will occur during use, resulting in trouble like poor closing. When consumers purchase these things, merchants usually do not present such test reports.

The second reason is that the material quality of the door frame is not good enough, which makes the hinge easy to fall off. The biggest problem here is the deformation of the door body, which then affects the normal use of the hinge.

The third is the installation problem. If there is a deviation during installation, the installation position of the hinge is not accurate, which will not only cause problems such as sagging of the door, but also affect the hinge itself. In addition to material and installation issues, there are factors that can cause hinge problems, such as the problem of spring performance in the hinge.

Square Door Hinge

Final Thoughts

In the current hardware market, as there are numerous brands, it is difficult to distinguish which is good or the bad. It is difficult for consumers to distinguish and do not know how to choose. Industry experts recommend consumers buy those reputable brands.

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