Selection Tips For Furniture Handles And Door Handles

From the appearance, the handle has tube shape, bar shape, sphere shape, and various geometry shape, still have one head type, double-head type, exposed type, closed type to wait for distinction. There are more avant-courier or recreational, also have the form that appears in the form of a rope or drop bead, really full of beautiful things in eyes.

The choice of door handle must depend on the design of furniture, function, and place and decide. Tell commonly, the relation of the door handle and furniture has the principle of two kinds of processing roughly, namely marked or concealment.


The porch is often one of the parts that a bedroom key decorates, the door handle of the porch ark can emphasize its adornment sex, install two luxurious and beautiful door handle on the adornment door of symmetrical type. And shoe ark should choose color and luster and the single head type door handle that face is close. These with use function give priority to furniture, its door handle should have concealment sex, in case hinder host to use properly.

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The door handle of food adornment ark (common name is wine ark) can suit with its oneself relatively the styled photograph that grabs an eye, the choose and buys has burnished and the double head type that contrasts slightly with furniture color and luster. The door handle of TV ark can consider choosing those and electric equipment piece or the stone color and luster of TV counterface is close, resemble black, gray, dark green or inferior aureate exposed type metal door handle. Small sitting room especially the furniture of footpath place, can choose the kind after pressing to be able to bounce close door handle. It is to consider the frequency that the cupboard door opens here is lower, it is to assure the footstep of the witness next to be unlikely to happen drag in. The furniture of the study or studio can imitate the practice of office building, choose concise founder door handle. The cupboard door between the bathroom is generally not much, appropriate to choose the pottery and porcelain of microform single head round ball type or plexiglass door handle, its color, and luster or material character should be close with cabinet put oneself in another’s position. Sometimes, look for to have with cabinet put oneself in another’s position the door handle of same modeling or curve, can make the relation of furniture and door handle appears particularly harmonious.

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The position that the door handle installs is very cultured also. Like a large cabinet, the upper handle should be installed at the lower corner of the door, and the lower handle should be installed at the upper corner of the door. This is not only for the ergonomic norms but also for visual formal beauty. The installation of the furniture door handle in the market accords with a requirement basically now but often can see those furniture door handle that makes on the spot to install in the bedroom of people however not go up to do not fall, very not good-looking.

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Different design

Because make craft different, the design of door handle also extraordinary and colorful show. Generally, the silver stainless steel grip is suitable for use in office buildings, and the family mostly chooses the matte bronze and aluminum alloy handle. The household of neuter or shallow cool color mixes oil to decorate also can choose the door handle of brushed of inferior smooth stainless steel, and the metal door handle that passes polishing is used extensively in guesthouse more. Door handle also has what make with door lock union, it is to satisfy the need of people life. Tell commonly, the door handle of the master bedroom and toilet should have the function that locks a door, and deputy bedroom and aisle place can set windproof door lock.

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