Intelliware Outdoor Training 2016

Intelliware members took part in an outward bound training on 13 May in Zhushan Lake Resort. This activity is organized by Wuxi United Chamber of Cross-Border E-Commerce (WUCCE), which is aimed to develop employee key competencies such as the ability to communicate, cooperate and innovate. Over 50 staff joined this training and overcame the challenges together.

intelliware company training

This training consists of two portions, one is outdoor challenges and the other is indoor education. The first challenge is called “Cross the River” . All members are divided into four teams. Each team was required to cross a ‘river’, which is actually a 100 meters walk but just with the usage of 7 foam mats. This was fairly easy since every team member is creative and flexible. We walked face-to-face in one line and quickly delivered the mat one after another.

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Then came a competition focusing on cooperation. Each team had 13 cards. What we needed is to turn these cards over one by one but only consecutive numbers could be counted. The team who first count all the cards is the champion. It needs to be noted that each person was permitted to turn the card over only when he wins in a Morra game with the representative from another team. What’s surprising is that two teams reached an agreement that they always made the ones in their own team win Mora game so that time could be saved, which made both of the two teams become the champions. This arranges to participants an extraordinary lesson that sometimes cooperation with opponent  is more significant than confrontation.

intelliware team member

Live CS is the third activity of this day. In this game, participants were exposed to a wild island where they fought in two groups. Every one was well equipped with uniform, walkie talkie and electric gun. All attack and defensive tactics were discussed in a joint discussion with each other. This type of teamwork provides the greatest feedback about the ability of team cooperation and communication.

intelliware team member

After completing the outdoor activities, we moved on to indoor education in the evening. Mr. Chris Ming, the secretary of WUCCE, held the activity, introducing the whole process of the following competition with Yixing company groups from 16th May to 11st July. It is all about customer development as well as sales leads generation. The ones who develop the most number of customers will win a prize together with incentive payment. Then Zichao Yang and Shuyun Li, two employees from Intelliware held 2 sessions to transfer marketing skills including some innovative search skills within Google and LinkedIn, and an advanced guide to content marketing.

Intelliware team meeting

I am proud to say Intelliware did an excellent job in this activity. We won in the most of challenges and were highly phrased by the chamber of commerce. The training not only brought us entertainment, recreation, the rehabilitation of physical as well as mental energy, but it motivated and united our company team, improved our ability to communicate, cooperate, and service performance of Intelliware.

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