Detailed Information On Machining Characteristics And Manufacturing Techniques Of Stainless Steel Fasteners

It is well known that stainless steel is less machinable than medium carbon steel. Our stainless steel handles, Stainless steel hinges all need to be protected. With the development of equipment manufacturing, stainless steel fasteners are more and more used in all industries. The processing and manufacturing technology of stainless steel fasteners also tends to mature gradually, each enterprise should choose the suitable blade material when processing stainless steel according to their actual needs, cutting the amount in order to achieve the optimal cost-performance ratio.

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Selection of tool materials

Stainless steel fasteners processing cutting tool to reasonable choice According to the requirements of the stainless steel fasteners, cutting, cutting tool material is heat-resistant Good abrasion resistance, low and the affinity of stainless steel, etc High speed steel material cutting tools used in the processing of stainless steel fasteners, now is not much, often using cemented carbide cutting tools in the processing of material of stainless steel fasteners often choose YG carbide, YG class carbide toughness is good, can use larger rake Angle, the blade sharpened up can also, the cutting is light, and the chip and tool is not easy to produce adhesive, is suitable for processing of stainless steel fastenersEspecially in the thick of a vibration and intermittent cutting, YG class alloy advantages of this kind is more important In addition, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of YG class alloy nearly two times higher than the high speed steel, is twice as tall as YT kind of alloy Therefore, YG class alloy used in stainless steel fasteners, cutting more, especially in roughing tool cutting reaming drill is more widely used in machining, etc A long time, generally USES the YG6 YG8N YW2 ordinary grade of carbide, such as stainless steel fasteners, cutting tool material, but all cannot achieve smooth surface;Cutting stainless steel fasteners such as 813 767 640 798 and YM051 YM10 YS2T YD15 FK235 with new grades can be used to obtain better results.

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Selection of tool parameters

Processing stainless steel fasteners in addition to the selection of suitable tool materials, but also to choose the appropriate tool geometric parameters. Front Angle (γo): stainless steel fasteners are not of high hardness and strength, but they have good plasticity, toughness, and high thermal strength. On the premise that the cutter has enough strength, the larger front Angle should be selected, which can not only reduce the plastic deformation of the metal being cut, but also reduce the cutting force and cutting temperature, and at the same time reduce the depth of hardening layer. Cutting all kinds of stainless steel fasteners, the anterior horn of roughly 12 ° to 30 °, the martensite stainless steel fasteners( such as 20 Cr13), anterior horn preferable value, the larger the austenite + ferrite and austenite stainless steel fasteners, the anterior horn should take smaller values. For stainless steel fasteners that are not modified or have low hardness after being adjusted, a larger front Angle is preferred. Specification of small diameter or thin–walled parts, should use a larger front Angle.

Selection of cutting dosage

The cutting quantity has a great influence on the working hardening, cutting force, and cutting the heat of stainless steel fasteners. The selection of a reasonable cutting amount will directly affect the cutting effect. The selection of cutting amount for thread and drill, ream and ream when cutting tool material is high-speed steel is listed in table 1 below.

Some Advice

Due to the stainless steel fasteners, cutting machining is poorer, cooling and lubrication, infiltration of cutting fluid and cleaning performance have higher requirements, so must be used when processing stainless steel fasteners, cooling device, in the process of machining the cutting coolant nozzle on the cutting zone, take away heat cutting, to improve the cutting condition, had better use high-pressure spray cooling, cooling mode, can significantly improve the cutting performance.


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