Keep Your Family Safe with Anti-drill Lock Cylinders

Regular Lock Cylinders Were No Longer Safe

One day, a thief “visited” Maria’s house. The lock cylinder of Maria’s door lock was a regular lock cylinder. The thief looked around, but nobody was there. An evil smile found its home on his face: Nice, it’s a good thing for me. Look at the simple lock cylinder, it’s a piece of cake for me! The thief took a hand electric drill from his toolbox, turned on the switch, and drilled into the lock. After several seconds, the lock had come loose. He took out a flat-headed screwdriver, turned the lock a few times, then turned the handle, and the door was opened! On that day, Maria was unlucky, her house was “visited” by the thief.

Fortunately, there was not much cash at home, but Maria’s favorite pieces of jewelry were still stolen, which made her very sad. Maria realized that regular lock cylinders were no longer safe. She would like to replace them with anti-drill lock cylinders, which would be much more reliable.

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The Difference Between A Regular Lock Cylinder and An Anti-drill Lock Cylinder

Through this incident, we can clearly see that the regular lock cylinder is no longer reliable, people need an anti-drill lock cylinder to keep family safe. Let’s get to know, what’s the difference between a regular lock cylinder and an anti-drill lock cylinder.

Drilling a regular lock to enter a house, the thief needs to knock in a drill bit just below the shear line in the keyhole to create a guidance point. Then he attaches a drill bit to fit the gap and drill, repeating with a slightly larger drill bit. Then he only needs to use a flat-headed screwdriver to turn the lock just like using a key.

Let’s see the inner structure of anti-drill locks: Firstly, the pins are often made of hardened steel, but secondly, there are often small hardened steel plates wedged between the pins so that you’re confronted with numerous walls of tough metal before you can get to the core. That means, if the thief wants to drill an anti-drill lock, it takes him at least over an hour to complete the mission, which will make a lot of noise. Also, he needs to prepare many drills, because the hard steel is easy to damage the drills. No thieves would bother with that.

In short, anti-drill locks prevent the internal mechanisms from snapping by having ceramic plates inside or steel pins and a steel cylinder to defend against drilling. It will be much safer.

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Use Anti-drilling Locks to Protect Family Security

Regular locks give thieves the opportunity to enter your family, people need anti-drilling locks to protect family security. If you’re still using a regular lock cylinder, you have to consider the risks you are facing. Come to us, we can provide you with a safer solution. We are a factory with 25 years of experience in high-security lock cylinders. To learn about high-quality products you can trust, please visit

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