Lock Maintenance Skills That Must Be Understood These Years

In the daily use of locks, there will always be a variety of problems. In order to maintain the appearance of the lock and extend its service life, we should pay attention to its maintenance. So, if you really want to maintain it, here’s the problem:

How do you do if the doors are too crowded?

After the door lock is installed, if it is difficult to close the door (tightly squeezed), it should be checked whether the gap between door leaf and door frame reaches a reasonable gap of 1.5mm-2.5mm. The door cannot be closed by force, which will shorten the service life after long-term use. Sometimes as a result of door leaf essence reason, can appear the cold shrink of winter pine summer tightens hot rise phenomenon, should adjust the gap between the door at this time, avoid to force open close, affect door lock normal service life.

Stainless Steel Door Handle-2

How does the door lock feel tight?

After the door lock is installed, if the handle is a little tight or the key is a little tight, check:

  1. https://www.intelliwarelock.com/product-category/lock-body/Whether the minimum mounting door thickness of the door lock is greater than the actual door thickness leads to the pressing of the square bar or the rotating shaft of the lock core at both ends.
  2. Check whether the position of the door opening hole is coaxial with the position of the actual perforated part of the door lock.
  3. Check whether the lock tongue of the door lock body corresponds to the lock tongue hole of the door frame buckle. If the lock tongue is not centered, it will also cause the lock tongue to scratch against the door frame depending on the plate, resulting in poor hand feeling and unsmoothness.
wooden door handle

Lock maintenance

In the process of using the lock plug, if the key is not unsmooth, a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder can be applied to the lock groove to ensure smooth key insertion and extraction. Do not add any other oil for lubrication to avoid oil sticking to the spring, resulting in the lock cannot be turned and cannot be opened.

Surface maintenance

When using normally, if have dirt, usable soft cloth (or wet cloth) is cleared, do not use the chemical such as the chemical such as corrosive dishwashing essence to swab. Otherwise, it will shorten the life of the bright surface.

Be sure to check and maintain the locks regularly while using them. In this way, the service life of each lock can be brought into full play.

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