How To Remove The Dirt On Hardware Effectively?

In order to meet the operation requirements of lubrication and heat dissipation, metal processing auxiliaries such as stamping oil and stretching oil should be added in the metal processing. However, after processing hardware surface will have a lot of dirt. Accordingly, how should be the dirt on hardware removed. The dirty type on hardware is more diversiform, have smeary, grease, hand mark, metallic pink chip, some still have watermark to wait a moment.

Cleaning Agent

If we want to clean them all at once, we must have a comprehensive cleaning agent, usually water-based cleaning agent is recommended. There are many types of water-based cleaners on the market, such as clf-700. According to the hardware material difference also divided into: stainless steel cleaning agent, aluminum cleaning agent, copper cleaning agent, galvanized board cleaning agent, multi-functional cleaning agent and so on.

Metal processing depends on quantity, so the amount of cleaning is very important. According to this requirement, the cleaning method can choose soaking type or ultrasonic cleaning method.

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Soaking is easy. The clf-700 described above is an example. Mix the CLF-700 into 5% working fluid by 50-60 degree hot water. The hardware is then loaded in a mesh basket and soaked directly into the cleaning solution. After 1-2 minutes, lift the basket up and down to play a scratching role. Soak for another 1-2 minutes. Rinse again and remove. Then rinse with water for multiple times to remove the surface cleaning solution. Finally, according to the hardware structure to dry water.

There are two important points to note. One is to clean after the water, to wash clothes the principle is similar, want to be too much again just can eliminate clean fluid thoroughly. On the other hand, tap water contains a lot of impurities, which will leave a lot of watermarks after drying. If the surface of the hardware is demanding, pure water should be used for the last rinse.

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The ultrasonic cleaning method and the soaking process are the same, but in the cleaning to remove the dirty aspects of the ultrasonic cleaning to strengthen the cleaning. It should be pointed out that ultrasonic wave is only an auxiliary cleaning effect, the hardware is good or not the key lies in the cleaning agent.

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