How To Replace Security Door Handle When It Is Broken?

Door handle is an accessory that is used to facilitate people to open and close the door, frequent use, can let door handle appear loose, fall off wait for a phenomenon, maintenance rises to have no way to start even more. Be aimed at at the door that USES commonly in the home at present guard against theft today, explain the door handle of guard against theft door for everybody how should install.

Security door handle introduction

Security door handles, just as its name implies, it is installed in the security door shake hands handle, it can be convenient we open and close security doors is usually composed of iron, steel, aluminum, and other metal material through physical processes such as forging, rolling, cutting and without, is indispensable to modern household security doors on a kind of hardware fittings, the stand or fall of it directly affects the security doors to protect the safety of household use effect.

The general person thinks, the quality of door handle of guard against theft and guard against theft door itself does not have a too big concern, so when they are the door of guard against theft of choose and buy often goes paying attention to the quality of guard against theft door only, and the quality that handles to guard against theft door did not care too much, however. A lot of people feel to want the appearance of door handle of guard against theft only good-looking, use convenient ok, but it is not so in actual use, however.

Security door handles, in general, not only the quality of the relationship between the security doors using comfort, but also to a certain extent, affects the quality of security doors, and different materials, different size, different design security door handle will bring a different experience of open close to the person, in addition, not all security door handle is suitable for use in security doors.

Guard against theft door handle is changed, it is to want to change commonly guard against theft the door lock just can be finished. The anti-theft door is with anti-theft function, its door lock design structure and the ordinary room door lock is not the same, in its door lock has a two or three file anti-theft card strip, throughout the whole anti-theft door, so the door handle is not so easy to replace the door handle than the ordinary door handle.

Did burglar-proof door handle break affect safety performance?

Anti-theft door handle is the object that we will come into contact with every day, if the handle is not strong enough, it will easily break, and because the anti-theft door handle is connected with the door lock, if the anti-theft door handle is broken, the lock core is likely to be exposed, then its anti-theft safety performance may be affected. So small make up remind everybody, also should notice handle quality when choosing door of guard against theft, lest affect the use in the future.

Security Door Handle For Bedroom

Security door handle mounting height

The installation height of the security door handle is generally 80-110cm, which refers to the door. The security door handle from the ground height is generally 110cm, some security door handle height maybe 113cm, of course, different brands of security door height are different.

The height of door handle of guard against theft of average family is in 1100mm left and right sides, but this is a general height only, the family member height of each family member of a family is different, the habit that opens the door has different more, so this guard against theft door handle height should set how many or should consider concretely so.

So the first thing we should do is we should also think about what is the most comfortable position for you to open the door, is it the forearm level or is it the other way around, if it’s the forearm level, the height of the security door handle should be the elbow level?

Next, we should see the height of family member how, if of family member general on the high side, the height of handle of this door of guard against theft should want above 1100mm naturally, such ability can make everybody is in when using the handle of guard against theft door very convenient.

We should consider having a child in the home when he was in a person’s home of the door of guard against theft that can not be able to handle, is it convenient to use and it is also a very important problem, if the security door handle height setting is too high, the children can’t reach, is going to move to a chair, stepping up to be able to one thing which is very unsafe.

Therefore, we should carefully consider when setting the height of the security door handle, rather than casually installing it, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to our life in the future.

Security Door Handle

Security door handle classification door handle according to the material points

The handle can be divided into a variety of types according to a different standard, the commonest is to press capable person to pledge classification, the capable person that shakes a hand basically has onefold metal, alloy, plastic, pottery and porcelain, glass, crystal, resin, etc. The common handle has all copper handles, zinc alloy handles, aluminum alloy handles, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic handle. door handle according to the style points

The handle can be divided into single-hole circular type, single-strip type, double-head type, hidden type, and other product categories according to the style. The adornment effect of the handle of different styles has different somewhat. door handle according to the style points

Can not look down upon the adornment sex of door handle of guard against theft, although it is small, but very conspicuous, also be the component that attracts a look very easily. Accordingly, as contemporary home installs general pursuit to the United States, the style that shakes a hand is more and more diversiform also. Shake a hand to press a style cent, basically have contemporary and contracted style, Chinese style archaize style, style of rural of Europe type these a few kinds. door handle according to the surface treatment points

Burglar-proof door handle surface treatment is also a variety of ways, the different material handle has different surface treatment. Stainless steel material surface treatment has mirror surface polishing, surface drawing, and so on; Zinc alloy material surface treatment is generally galvanized (white plating, color zinc plating), bright chromium plating, pearl chromium plating, chrome, matte black, black paint, and so on. door handle according to common specifications points

Security door handle common specifications have a single hole and double hole handle. Double orifice shake hands handle pitch length is 32 times commonly, to pitch (pitch refers to a handle of the distance between two screw holes, not actual length, the unit is mm) as the standard, can be divided into the pitch of 32, 64, 76 hole distance, the pitch of 96 and 128 the pitch of pitch, the pitch of 160, 192, 224 hole distance, the pitch of 256 and 288 hole distance, the pitch of 320 such as the common specifications.

Security Door Handle installation

Install security door handle

  1. Open the door so that you can operate both internal and external door handles at the same time. Find the two screws on the cover plate of the inner door handle. These screws are used to fix the handle of the inner and outer departments together.
  2. Turn the two screws counterclockwise with a crosshead screwdriver and pull the inner door handle away from the door and the outer door handle away from the door.
  3. Fix the outer edge of the bolt plate door and remove two screws with a crosshead screwdriver. Out of the door, pull out the latch board assembly.
  4. the two fixed strike plate door frames with a cross screwdriver counterclockwise, pull the door frame plate off.
  5. Pass the new latch plate assembly through the door on the edge of the hole, part of the latch bolt curve that should point to the outside of the door. A wood screw attached to a door handle kit for securing panels.
  6. the door into the door from the outside of the external door handle inserted. Usually, two sleeves inside the latch hole of the cylinder will fit. Press the door handle until the cover is close to the door.
  7. Insert the inner door handle of the door from the inside of the door. Two fixation screws, the cover plate hole, clockwise rotation of the screw thread to the outer door gloves, tighten the screws, with a screwdriver.
  8. Fix the impact plate and screws attached to the kit on the door frame around the curved side of the inner side of the door frame.

The door handle is broken replace 4 big essentials

First, need to tear down the door handle that broke, the door handle of guard against theft below the circumstance usually needs to be in the side inside the room that begins to undertake tear open, need to use the screwdriver to fasten the screw of the door handle to screw only come down ok, common cross spends screwdriver can have an effect, the general family can be equipped with.

Second, open the handle when the very simple operation, a person to complete the difficult time can let the family, with the help of the door, need to stay in the open state, press with finger outside the door frame, the fixed knob screw with a screwdriver to unload one by one, friends need to pay attention to at this time, according to the door needs some hard, because the handle is equipped with spring inside, easy to play by yourself or your family.

Thirdly, when the screw of the door handle is removed, it can be used to open the clasp step by step with the household open pliers. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention not to scratch the metal protruding part of the clasp of the door handle. Instead of having open pliers in your home, use a type 1 screwdriver.

Fourthly, friends can find that the door handle has been removed at this time, but the clasp at this time is basically completed, the rest is a new purchase of a good door handle on the installation can be OK, is it very simple and easy to operate?

When installing door handle, need to have certain patience, because door handle has screw sleeve, must want to align ability to be able to install go up, undertake to add force to secure. Can be installed below the help of the family, compare outside look for the master to install to want more quickly?

Stain Less Security Door Handle

How should the glass door handle be installed?

Be careful with the glass door handle

The home of a lot of our people or a few public places used vitreous door to undertake partition and adornment, I still want to admit vitreous door to be able to accomplish beautiful this one very well above all but because be a door so the choice on the hand also should have certain exquisite. The action of the door is a very good partition actually, also need often switch so handle is very important. Glass door is different from the other door, the wooden door handle would be easier to install, because even if errors for the door is itself does not cause any damage, but the glass door at this point is very different, it compared the wooden door is very fragile because it would be damaged glass carelessly when installation, produced by such a loss is really big, so that means there are many things we need to pay attention to.

When we choose the glass door handle, we should choose the handle which is relatively easy to install and is not easy to damage the glass door. So we need to pay attention to when the installation is, we in the process of installation will use tools such as our common screwdriver category, so we must pay attention to it not because his strength is too big or too small lead to aid broke the glass door, this is we all don’t want to see. Followed by types have a lot of glass door handle, most of the glass door leaves slots for installation personnel to install the handle, we need to choose appropriate to the size of the handle to install, the last is the majority of the door handle is also can be removed, we first to remove then will put his hand through the slots by auxiliary tools should be fixed can be very good to install the door handle. For vitreous door to have a lot of still have distinction at the common door, in order to do not affect normal installation time to still should say clearly when buying what should buy is a vitreous door handle, put the action of him as far as possible when installing, do not use too much acuteness auxiliary tool as far as possible, in order to prevent damage because of error. Although the installation of a glass door handle is not particularly difficult, it still needs to be done carefully and carefully.

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