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President Xi Jinping stressed at the 19th national congress of the communist party of China that ” development” is fundamental to achieving the” two centenary goals “while building a modernized economic system is the core of ” development”. We should deepen supply-side reform, build an innovative team, adopt innovative thinking, and use scientific and technological methods to achieve higher-quality, more efficient, fairer, and more sustainable development. China’s economy has entered a new stage of development, and the development of China’s manufacturing industry also presents a new model. The technological level, resource input, number of patents, production methods, and productivity have all undergone tremendous changes. High-end equipment produced in China has been spread all over the world, and the mode of economic growth has gradually shifted from high speed to high quality.

Improve quality and efficiency to promote the transformation and upgrading

President Xi Jinping paid special attention to “quality” and “efficiency” at the congress and put forward the principle of “quality first” and “efficiency first”, taking improving the quality of the supply system as the main direction of attack, significantly enhancing China’s economic quality advantage, and directly hitting the key points of current economic development. Since the reform and opening-up, China’s manufacturing industry has achieved primitive accumulation under the competitive environment of survival of the fittest. The future development of the manufacturing industry is based on quality, with efficiency as the priority and quality as the road. In manufacturing development, should adhere to the quality of basic quality improvement and industry upgrade of combining the development train of thought, to improve the quality of standards, inspection, testing, certification, and other infrastructure, improve the quality of the development of the technical conditions, affect the quality of industry promotion key common problems, pushing quality level to the high-end, promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and healthy development. In the development of manufacturing industry, should be to increase quality as the center, powered by innovation, to quality, creates the brand as the main direction, to solve the quality problem of the key enterprises, in order to win market recognition new symbol of the internationalization of the brand competitive advantage, thus took a shiny card for the country and build a global brand for China’s manufacturing industry to provide maximum power.

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Strengthening innovation and “going global” with high-quality

Going out is an effective way for enterprises to strengthen innovation capacity and open cooperation, and for China to achieve a new pattern of all-round opening-up, and to build a strong and efficient brand is the only way for China’s economy to enter a new stage of development. The brand is the comprehensive strength of the product, market, service, and social image. The brand is also the concentrated reflection of the comprehensive strength of the manufacturing industry and the core competitiveness of manufacturing power. For Chinese brands to gain recognition in the international market, Chinese companies must renew their ability to innovate and take risks. China is the world’s second-largest economy, and to make breakthroughs in building a global brand for the foreseeable future that matches its commercial clout means that Chinese manufacturing needs to build prestige and sort out its own label-brand. To make a breakthrough from quantity to quality, it is the last mile for China to make a truly international brand. On the one hand, it is necessary to stimulate the endogenous power of enterprises to improve quality and brand, promote the export of brand products and high-quality products, and speed up the “going out” of high-end technical equipment and high-quality production capacity. On the other hand, the company should promote the awareness and ability of quality and brand management, promote advanced quality management methods such as excellent performance and lean production, carry out brand cultivation activities, and establish and improve the management system of quality, standard, and brand. The future of “made in China” lies not in any other place, but only in the ability to make an impressive product, which means that in the new normal, China must follow its own brand path. To promote the transformation of made in China into created in China, we must first transform Chinese products into Chinese brands. The formation of a number of international brands is an important sign of forming new comparative advantages. Chinese manufacturing relies on quality and standards to improve the innovation and competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing brands. The development path to realizing the Chinese dream is innovation + quality = brand.

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Developing China Brand

President Xi Jinping described to the Chinese people the concrete strategic thinking of China’s economic development and strengthening economic cooperation to expand its international influence. From expand the supply of high quality, speed up the development of China’s manufacturing, to the construction of modern economic reform and the development of architecture, “One Belt And One Road” blessing of dividend policy, and a series of measures, from the construction labor glorious and excelsior professional ethos, social fashion to investment in science and technology innovation, talent team construction and so on a series of support, from support to optimize and upgrade traditional industries and accelerate the development of modern service industry, aimed at international standards improve level, to optimize the allocation of resources, expand the stock quality incremental supply and realize the dynamic equilibrium of supply and demand, to encourage more social main body in innovative undertaking and so on a series of adjustment, All of these aspects support the establishment of a new model of cooperation between China and foreign countries and the deepening development of China’s manufacturing industry.

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Intelliware is previously a state-owned company named China Wuxi Hardware and Tools Group Company since 1988, with 2 lock factories, 2 hardware factories, and 3 hand tool factories. In 2008, the company was partly sold to Kewen, Patrick, and Tim and is renamed as KEPT INDUSTRY with Intelliware as the registered trademark. At the same time, we invested in an R&D factory named Hailida Metal Product that focuses on special ODM products including special lock and other special customized metal accessories. If you want to know more about us, please click here:

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